The Key Seeker
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chapter II

Our hero began his trek through the dark wood. He didn’t know where to begin but he felt a force in his chest pulling him east. Siphter walked until his legs gave in, causing him to fall to his knees. He had never traveled this far before, and could tell his body wasn’t used to such an arduous task. The forest birds chirped above, almost mocking the newcomer. “Welcome to the forest,” he thought. As he began to pick himself back up, he saw two orange eyes glistening in a bush just a few steps ahead. They called to him flickering like bonfires. He moved onward towards the bush until a shadowy figure leapt before him. “Good Evening, Siphter…” said the creature. Siphter jumped back, astonished to find the voice was coming from a cat. This feline was unlike anything he’d seen before: blue, wild and giant in stature. He thought if this animal were capable of walking on its hind legs it easily would have surpassed him in height. In fear, Siphter took out the only weapon he had packed for his journey. A small knife he used to peel apples back at home.

The blue maine coon let out a hearty laugh. “You won’t be needing that, hero…” scoffed the feline. “I am here to warn you. You aren’t ready for the task ahead. No mortal man has ever opened the temple…” Siphter wondered how the creature knew about his journey, but sat in silence and in utter awe of what he was witnessing. “You should turn back, before it’s too late. You will die searching for the keys…”  Siphter put the knife back in his jacket pocket. He began to speak and the cat interrupted him. “I want to help you, my dear friend. You are weak of heart and mind. Turn back and return to your hobble!” Siphter looked into the night sky. There was a full moon, and the light was shining brightly on the cat’s face. “Thank you for your kind advice, but I think you are trying to trick me. Maybe to keep the treasure for yourself?” Siphter retorted. “There is no treasure human, only pain…” This time the cat seemed to be sincere. Before Siphter could ask it another question, it faded away into the moonlit trees. Siphter decided to set up camp in hopes of seeing the cat again. He laid down and looked up at the stars ahead. The beauty above comforted him. He waited, but the cat never came. The only thing that visited our hero was his dreams.