The Key Seeker

Thank You

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You are the most gentle, kind, and giving creature this world has ever known. I have never met someone as selfless as you. How many nights did you let me rant and rave about this project? You have never pulled me away from my work, only pushed me towards it. I can't wait to see what keys we find together. I love you. 


The Gypsy King, Goblyn King, Creator of Worlds, My Brother. You've shared so many keys with me and the ones around you. Your hunger to learn, and create inspires me everyday. You taught me to open my heart and do my best to love this world. You pushed me to write when I thought I couldn't. "To be a writer, you just have to write." Thank you. 

Artboard 1.png
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This project never would have been possible without you. You've given me so many tools to express myself and I am eternally grateful. You taught me to embrace color, and listen to my design voice. Your constant effort to share art with me expanded my mind, changing how I create and think forever.  Thank you.