The Key Seeker
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chapter IX

Many a foe had found themselves on Siphter’s path. He revisited them all in his head. He was unprepared even with a weapon at his side. With no sword training Siphter’s found blade was almost useless. Any blow he had landed in the past had been pure luck. Without Pikel’s gift he surely would have been devoured by the undead army. Siphter sat by his bonfire and wished that he could be a great warrior, one who had mastered all forms of combat, especially swordplay. He laid his head down and stared at the stars above his head. When Siphter fell asleep he dreamt of a great blade, one that could defeat any foe. The mighty sword floated above a purple gem stone in a golden yellow field. In his dream, Siphter was destined for it and fought the largest most foul beasts imaginable. Defeating them with ease, he had become the warrior he so wanted to be. A blinding yellow light pierced Siphter’s dream world. He opened each one of eyes to find the morning sun. He gathered his pack and continued on his journey.

Just northeast, our hero could see golden yellow shining through the trees ahead. He ran towards it and pushed aside the brush to find it. Just like his dream, a golden yellow field. At the center a purple glowing gem and floating above it, the warrior’s blade. Siphter looked around. He couldn’t believe it, maybe it was a mirage, a trick? The closer he got, the more he knew. It was real. Siphter reached up and grabbed the blade. It was giant, almost twice the size of the sword he found in the knight’s ruins but it was lighter than air. With his eyes glued on his new weapon Siphter tossed the old sword to the ground as if it was garbage. He swung it with such force that the dirt around him blew in it's wake. Siphter ran towards the closest object and in one swift movement the surrounding trees were all cut in half. The top of the trees floated in the air for an instant before falling to the ground. Siphter swung his sword one last time before placing it on his back. It protruded over his shoulder. The day was getting long and it seemed like he wasn’t any closer to the mountains that the old man had spoken of but now he would be ready for any remaining foes.